Reading Amazon E-books Without a Kindle Reader

At this point, my books are only available in electronic format, on Amazon. But that doesn’t mean you absolutely need an electronic reader. Actually, any device you’re using right now to read online should do the trick. Amazon wants want their e-books to be as accessible as possible. As such, you can download the Kindle reader app to your tablet, smartphone or computer. This app will link to your Amazon account, and allow you to read my Kindle e-books. If you want to be able to access your Kindle e-books from many devices or locations, you can simply go to This is what they call the Kindle Cloud Reader. It allows you to look at your e-books directly in your web browser. Note that it won’t work on smaller devices (i.e. smartphones). It seems to be the most simple solution, as there’s nothing to download and install.

Why are there no print versions?

If my books were printed, they would be tiny (25 to 30 pages). However, a tiny book is still costly to print, stock and ship. We’re waiting to see the response for the e-books in 2016 before launching into the paper world.