Presenting Your PE, CPA or MBA Title on LinkedIn

How do you deal with a professional designation or certification on LinkedIn? After all, you did spend an awful lot of time and coffee on getting that recognition. LinkedIn doesn’t really have a specific place for it next to your name, so they encourage you to put your MBA, CPA, PE or other title in the same field as your last name.

This will make sure that your title appears clearly in search results, which already gives you a comparative advantage over other people with the same title but unaware of this little trick.

But that’s not enough!

If you do have such a title, you’ll need to make sure your profile also includes a “Certifications” section. I suggest you put it right before or after your Education, as you see fit. This makes LinkedIn understand that you do have that title and it will qualify you if recruiters or potential clients use that title as a search criteria. (If you just put MBA in your last name box, LinkedIn doesn’t “compute” that. You need to show it under “Certifications”.

Do you know about the Projects section for your profile?

And while you’re updating your profile, did you know that there’s a “Projects” section? I know that a lot of engineers and accountants, for example, work on huge projects, where they’re part of a multi-disciplinary team. That’s precisely what this section is for.

You can obviously name the project and describe it, but you can also connect team members to it (obviously, through LinkedIn) and provide a link, if there’s a relevant document or website you wish to present as a portfolio piece. I think it’s a nice touch that adds depth to your experience, especially if you have a link (PDF of a sanitized executive summary, maybe?).