Business Manager Resume Hacking

If you’re a business manager looking to improve your resume, this book is just for you! And we mean just for you. All the examples in here are tailored for managers; we actually went through many of your peers’ resumes, to identify what made the best stand out. This is what you’ll find in this guide: the most relevant material from resumes of various managers. Since “business manager” is a broader title, this book covers a bit more ground than the other books in the Resume Hacking series. That being said, our examples are all about management, leadership, projects, business strategy and so on, sometimes touching on IT, HR, marketing or operations.

It’s not a comprehensive resume guide by any means; there’s already tons of generic resume advice out there. Our e-books are quite short (around 3000 words), but straight to the point, because they have a single purpose: helping you make your resume distinctive. We do that by providing you stuff that is both highly valuable and uncommon in your field.

Our goal is to help you get more interviews, through a “do-it-yourself-in-one-afternoon” resume hacking guide.


And if you don’t have Kindle, it’s not too complicated.